Pregnancy Comparison

One of my friends recently asked if I felt bigger carrying Uhai than I was with Sophia.  This is the latest in many questions of how this pregnancy has been different than the last.  I didn’t really think I was bigger, so I thought I would take a photo and do a little comparison.  The first is at 36 weeks, 2 days with Sophia (4 days before her arrival!).  The second was taken today – 36 weeks, 6 days with Uhai.

Here you go, Kara!  I hope you enjoy!

2 Responses to “Pregnancy Comparison”

  1. jacob ouma ayoma

    Hi kim i have seen the two photos the one that carry Sophia and also this one that you have now it makes me laugh a lot, it means Sophia was so big than this our lovely boy that we are about to welcome in our Universe.I really like this and you make me laugh a lot kim i did not expect you to do this but it is really funny but i love your story.

    • jkcluffkenya

      Thanks, Jacob! Yes, we Americans like to talk about our babies a lot before they come! It is very different than for Kenyans. We are hopeful that our baby boy will be here soon. I will post pictures for everyone when he does come! Please greet everyone at Raila for me.


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