Cleaning Day

Well, it has been a while since my last post.  Hard to believe that we’ve been back in the US over a month now!  So, I’m trying to get us caught up on what we’ve been doing during the last weeks in Kenya and the first month in the US.  Even if it means posting every day, we’ll see if we can get there!

At the end of May, we welcomed Dr. Johnson, his wife, and niece for a visit to Raila CCC before they headed to western Kenya for a medical clinic.  Dr. & Mrs. Johnson are the parents of a CMF missionary in Ukraine.  It was wonderful to be able to show them what God is doing in our section of the globe.

During their visit, some of the leaders from Raila CCC arranged for a clean-up day around the church.  While there is still much more work to do, they were able to get a lot done with many members of the community.  Events like this help them to continue spreading the word of the church and their initiative to see the community changed through CHE principles.

Please pray with me that God will continue to use each opportunity He gives – no matter how small or large – to help the community of Raila see that they are the ones capable of transforming their world.

Clearing Gutters by the "Dump"
Consolidating & Burning Trash

Cleaning Gutters in Front of School

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