Favor & Mercy

This is God’s story of favor & mercy that comes from Joe’s visit to the two new CCC churches planted near Mombasa.  May you be blessed by it.

Pastor Moses, Rana & Joe

Pastor Moses used to live on the Kenya-Tanzania border near Mt. Kilimanjaro.  He shifted with his wife to a small area called Maungu further east in hopes of finding better employment.  Moses’ sister already lived there, so it seemed like a good place to make a new start.  God had given Moses the gift of evangelism, so he began using this gift to start sharing the Word of God with those around him.  Soon there were those that joined together with him for Sunday services.

Maungu CCC Site

After some time, it became evident that Moses could find better employment in the larger city of Mombasa at the coast.  He began traveling back and forth, leaving his wife to care for the home along with his sister in Maungu while he worked to provide for the family.  Those around Maungu told Moses that if he continued to evangelize in the area, they would beat his wife while he was gone.  Because of this, Moses decided it was safer to move his family to Mombasa and begin a church there.  But God’s favor was already upon the small area of Maungu.  Two women – Phoebe and Mariamu – took up the work that Moses had begun and continue to this day praising God as the leaders of Maungu Community Christian Church.

Mombasa CCC

The story didn’t end there.  Moses continued using his gift of evangelism in his new home.  Soon there was a group meeting together in a town just outside of Mombasa known as Changamwe.  They were able to erect the building you see here to house Mombasa Community Christian Church.

One of the people who found Mombasa CCC was a woman named Mercy.  Her husband had just left her leaving her, like many other abandoned wives, destitute as she had no job or education.

Mercy's Baptism

A friend told Mercy about some “people” she could contact in Changamwe who could help her become a prostitute and earn good money.  She contacted them and set up a meeting.  Instead of giving her employment, they drugged her, beat her, and left her for dead near the Mombasa CCC church.  When Mercy came to, she heard singing and praying coming from nearby (an all night prayer service at the church), and decided to check it out.  God met her there that night.  Pastor Moses and his wife began discipling Mercy and took her in.  She was one of the thirteen who were baptized during Joe and Rana’s visit last month.  Praise God!

Mercy & Elizabeth

Please pray for Mercy to grow in faith.  Pray also for steady, good income for Pastor Moses and his family so they can continue their ministry of evangelism and outreach to those around them.

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