Now Open!!

The meeting room

On March 20, 2010 Raila Community Christian Church opened its doors for the first time.  Currently, they are meeting in a room rented from a primary school in the Raila community of Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya.

It is already clear that the room is going to be outgrown quickly!  As the service continued, many of us needed to give up our seats to accommodate for the latecomers.  While some of the visitors were from the Nairobi Community Christian Church, many were from the community who were gathered by the church planters to join us in worship.

Jacob, Joshua, Calvince and Meshack

Joe was asked to give the first sermon at Raila CCC.  He took the time to give an overview of the core values of CCC that make it distinctive from some of the other churches in the area – Spirit led, Bible based, mission focused, ministry oriented, worshipping, relational, and pursuing spiritual health.  The focus emphasized two of these, calling the Raila CCC church to first worship the Lord – remembering that Christ is all around us on our journey – and second to minister to the poor and the poor in spirit – empowering them to meet their needs through the love of man and the love of God.

Joe & Rana preaching

Most church openings are not only a time for what we might think of as a “regular” Sunday service but also for the formal blessing of the church by leadership of the parent organization or sending church.  As such, after the main service, James Sinkua (Chairman of CCC) gave a blessing and made the inclusion of Raila CCC into the larger body of Community Christian Church – Kenya formal by presenting the church with a copy of the CCC constitution (bylaws required by the Kenyan government for all organizations registered in Kenya).  He and Joe also prayed over Daniel Letting and his wife who will serve as the pastors at Raila CCC.

James presenting constitution
Praying for Daniel & his wife

Words cannot really express how blessed we feel to have been here and be a part of the birth of Raila CCC.  We have been praying for God’s leading, provision, and timing for many months now.  Let us end this post with a clip of worship from the service.  As you watch it, please pray for the Holy Spirit’s filling of this church as they work to be light and salt in Raila.


(The song says – Be lifted up, Lord of Lords.  You have made good things)

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